About us

The First RV Odd Squad Park

With the world falling apart and all the great institutions of old times crumbling to an end, Youtubers John & Mercedes of the RV Odd Couple set out to look for a safe plot of land for their family and the RV Odd Squad to camp.

But campgrounds became crowded and expensive! The booming RV Industry and large Corporations jumped in buying up campgrounds and turning them into monetized parking lots.

Upon prayer and searching, a tiny listing in Ider Alabama caught John’s eye, and a dream was born! Thunder Canyon “Camp Gratitude” is the first RV Odd Squad Park in America.

You see, Thunder Canyon was a fully operational campground that had grown into disrepair. The original owners, the Jones family, truly cherished the property but were unable to upkeep it due to old age.

With a lot of elbow grease and the RV Odd Squad, there’s no place Ider rather be!

Who is the RV Odd Squad?

John & Mercedes Condon of the RV Odd Couple founded the RV Odd Squad in 2018. The RV Odd Squad started as loving nickname for their Youtube following. The group has evolved and now the RV Odd Squad is a Membership of RV’ers who help others considering the RV Lifestyle.

When starting RV Odd Couple, John & Mercedes made a promise they would share their Rv experience honestly and openly and would never be influenced by corporate interests in the RV Industry. The RV Odd Squad Membership has evolved to support small business, practice principles, and honor Boy Scout traditions.

RV Odd Squad Members have manners, are kind, loving, and always willing to help others. Today the RV Odd Squad is over 150,000 strong!

Vision for the future

Thunder Canyon isn’t just a beautiful retreat for family camping. In the future it will be the first training center for new RVers. Our hope is to help aspiring new RVers avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that John & Mercedes made when they began the RV Lifestyle.
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