3. PETS:  NO PIT BULLS, AGGRESSIVE BREEDS OR AGGRESSIVE DOGS ALLOWED:  If you have questions about this, contact TCC management.  Only dogs/cats are permitted.  No more than (3) pets per site.  Pets must be leashed on a 6ft or less leash or penned when outside your RV. You must be able to provide proof of current vaccinations. If your pet displays aggression or is creating a nuisance or disturbance you will be asked to remove your pet from TCC.  PICK UP & DISPOSE OF PET WASTE IMMEDIATELY.  Repeated failure to clean up your pet’s waste may result in eviction. SERVICE ANIMALS must wear their vest and display ID proof. Therapy and emotional support animals do not qualify as Service Animals per ADA regulations.

  4. CHECK-IN 2PM & CHECK OUT NOON:  No Check in before 2 pm  No check-in or setup during quiet hours.  Late checkouts will incur a $20 per hour late fee.  NO CHECK IN AFTER DARK.

  5. QUIET HOURS ARE FROM 10 PM TO 8 AM. If you disturb your neighbors during this time you may be asked to leave.

  6. CAMPFIRES:  Are only permitted in metal or rock fire rings & must be attended to at all times.  Do not cut or trim trees for firewood. NO OUTSIDE FIREWOOD ALLOWED.

  7. ILLNESS: If you believe you are sick, isolate yourself from others! Please respect fellow campers.

  8. RV & TENT SITE RULES: Follow the TCC Representative to your site.  Do not change sites  Do not dig, erect poles or physically modify any site  Do not tamper with the electrical boxes.  Do not drive nails or screws into trees or picnic tables. We reserve the right to charge guests accordingly for any damage they cause to the campground or facilities. Do not perform major repairs or wash your vehicle at your site.  Up to two (2) tents or screened tents per site are allowed. Only one (1) RV per site is allowed.

  9. LATE ARRIVALS: If you expect to arrive after 5 pm, call us by 3 pm and tell us your expected arrival time. NO CHECK IN AFTER DARK.  Late arrivals may park in the front parking lot overnight.

  10. ELECTRICITY / WATER / SEWER: Notify TCC management ASAP if there is a problem with any of your utilities. Use a surge arrestor and water pressure regulator, turn your water off when you are away, disconnect your hose for freezes.  TCC is not responsible for damage due to power, water, weather, acts of nature or sewer issues. If you have a limited service site we will advise where you may fill and dump. Use a proper size sewer hose if you connect to the TCC sewer system.

  11. ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Charging prohibited.  

  12. DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Grounds for reservation termination and eviction from the property include: causing repeated annoyance with loud noise, indecent language, damaging property of TCC or other persons, trespass into restricted areas, drunk or disorderly conduct, failing to follow rules and/or directions of the TCC staff, threatening or abusive behavior, and any other conduct unbecoming of a family campground/resort. TCC is governed by Alabama laws regarding public intoxication, alcohol and drug use.

  13. VIDEO SURVEILLANCE: For your protection and ours, TCC has video cameras monitoring the common buildings and roads. You may be accidentally or purposely recorded from a neighbor’s camera.

  14. WASTE RESTRICTIONS: Do not put any diapers, wipes or hygiene products in the sewer lines.  You will be held responsible for plumbing repairs if these or similar items are found in the septic pipe from your site.

  15. CLEANLINESS:  Keep your site clean and uncluttered at all times.  If your site is left with trash or your unwanted debris upon your departure, you may be charged a minimum of $50 for cleanup fee.  Dispose of all trash in the dumpsters or trash barrels located throughout the park. 

  16. MAIL & DELIVERIES: Are prohibited for unless the guest is staying a month or more & with prior arrangements.  DO NOT FORWARD YOUR MAIL WITH USPS TO THUNDER CANYON. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  17. CAMPING MANNERS: Be kind; don’t walk through someone else’s site, don’t spread out onto other sites, keep your music/television low enough so that only your campsite can hear it, keep your kids and pets supervised, respect quiet hours, put everything back as you found it, mind your trash, do not litter, take only photographs and leave only footprints.

  18. OCCUPANCY:  Maximum occupancy of four (4) persons per RV/campsite are allowed.  Additional guests are $5.00 per person per night.

  19. SHOWERS AND RESTROOMS:  Are open starting late spring thru early fall.   They are located on the loop of Thunder Canyon Road. Please leave them clean.

  20. LAUNDRY FACILITIES:  Coin operated laundry facilities are available in the kitchen area.  Laundry facilities may be video monitored for your protection and ours.  Leave the laundry area as you found it and clean your dryer lint filter after each use.

  21. SMOKING:  All TCC buildings are non-smoking. Do not throw cigarette or cigar butts on the ground or into undesignated trash receptacles.  Butts are a fire hazard and hazard to wildlife.

  22. VEHICLES:  A maximum of two (2) vehicles per site. This includes your RV and Tow/ed vehicle.  All vehicles must be registered when the reservation is made.  All vehicles must park within your designated site and not on the grass or roadway.  No off-road vehicles permitted on TCC property. Do not drive though the grass or vacant RV or tent sites.

  23. SUBLETTING:  Subletting your site and/or third party camping units are not permitted.  

  24. CUSTOM RIGS: Damage to TCC electrical systems done by custom made rigs or rigs that have significant modifications to their factory-designed electrical systems will be the financial responsibility of the rig’s owner.

  25. CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY:  Should you cancel your reservation, a credit will be placed on your account for the amount paid minus the $3 reservation fee. If you cancel the same day you forfeit one night’s stay plus $3 reservation fee. There are no refunds on cancelations, only credits for future use.

  26. RETURNED CHECKS:  A $49 fee will be charged for all returned checks, and all late fees will apply until good funds are received by the TCC office.  Certified funds will be required for future payments.

  27. GUESTS:  All guests must check in and register with TCC management, present a government- issued photo ID & register their vehicle. Unregistered vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense.

  28. WILD ANIMALS: DO NOT feed the wild animals and DO NOT leave food outside your rig.

  29. WARNING: TCC is a rustic campground and a natural setting. Use caution always. Parents must accompany their children at the creeks and the pond.  Be weather aware. 

  30. EMERGENCY & FIRE DEPARTMENT:  If you have an emergency:

EMERGENCY Dial 911 AND call TCC management @ 256-632-2103.
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